The pleasure to be surrounded by a few things but really important. Objects that have a history to tell, that contain a memory and that steel a smile every time you look at them ...
Creations handmade with love, unique and original against the current of the most unbridled type-approval and consumerism. Creations that respect the value of work, made by choosing the highest quality materials from small local businesses.
This is my belief and that's why I do what I do!

I'm Wilma, I cut, I sew, I draw, I embroider, I paste... I create!
I left from Italy and I travelled a lot before I put my suitcases (and my sewing machine!) in Marseilles, France.
After becoming mom of two amazing girls I learned to appreciate the little things, to see the world with different eyes, and this only thanks to them.

I decided to dedicate myself to this project, Piccolo Artista, to ​​enhance the power of children's creativity, giving them memories that will always keepsake with plenty of pride and make them feel unique! I love creating rag dolls and unique portraits each telling a different story and that decorate every home by spreading warmth and emotion.

Each of my creations is personalized, is carefully and entirely hand-made with the greatest care and attention to detail to make it unique and precious. Original gifts made with love that will surely emotion young and old who will receive them!
All the soft toys come wrapped in a re-usable fabric purse alternative to wrapping paper or plastic and the lucky recipient can re-use it again and again. An action for our planet and a gift for you!

In my small way I really hope to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible trade and those who choose my products believe in these same values!